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Electric Laboratory Of High Space Experience

More Experience

Electric Laboratory Of High Space Experience

Label: Old Hippie Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


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More Experience is a Polish band founded in the end of 80`s as a musical project inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and other psychedelic bands from the 60`s and 70`s. In the beginning of the 90`s they made their first professional recordings and began cooperating with legendary Polish label OBUH Records. In 1993 OBUH released their first vinyl EP „In the Shadow of Sun/From Acid Dreams” and a few years later their debut album „From Acid Dreams”. In the meantime More Experience won many musical competitions and performed in a lot of theatrical and musical spectacles in Poland and the rest of Europe. In the beginning of the 21st century, Poland being a country with no psychedelic music tradition, More Experience became an exclusively studio project. On 2014 the band released their second album titled „Piosenki z szuflady czyli jest tak jak jest” („Songs from the drawer, means it is how it is”) featuring hippie songs with Polish lyrics. 2016’s „Follow Me” was a step forward towards more progressive/psychedelic jazz-rock, as their „opus magnum” so far “Electric Laboratory of High Space Experience”, released in 2021 on CD and in 2022 on vinyl. In 2022, More Experience remains a studio project by author and composer Piotr Dudzikowski and his brothers and sisters in art and music cosmos.