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To Filima

Athens Computer Underground

To Filima

Label: Won Ton Records

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Producer Pantelis Theodoridis was introduced to us 10 years ago, when he and his band created the universe of Regressverbot, moving in minimal synth/post punk paths. Lately, under the alias Athens Computer Underground, he has been releasing compositions influenced by various electronic subcultures such as drum n bass, house and electro, introducing the acidic melodies of tb 303 as a central element of the instrumentation. Contrasting the well-polished computer music with the methodology and aesthetics of oldschool hardware sequencers and vintage synths, he creates a sound that evokes the underground moments of early acid house or the sound of labels like rephlex and breakin records.
His new 8-track album is titled To Filima (The kiss) after the eponymous poem by Maria Fili, which is included in the second track of the album and sets the tone for what to expect. Behind the d.i.y, grit-in-the-mix style production and distorted drum machines lies a divergent sensibility and upbeat yet elegiac instrumentals that make the album reminiscent of a melodic diary.