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Label: Stoned Karma

Genre: Rock / Pop


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It's in the Düsseldorf genes that Vibravoid puts art before commerce. Refer to the aspect as laid in the Creamcheese in 1967. Germany's first psychedelic discotheque with Gerhard Richter, Joseph Beuys, Günther Ücker, Kraftwerk and NEU! who created Düsseldorf blueprints of art and pop culture. For several years, Vibravoid have taken over the artistic direction of Creamcheese, which was honored in the Guggenheim Museum, for example, and revived as a major art happening in collaboration with H.A. Schult. Phasenvoid also includes a fortunately preserved Vibravoid interview from 1997, which paints a first-hand picture of the 1990s that is unknown today and is of inestimable value to music historians. Whether vinyl records. Kraut and Psychedelic Rock, Theremin, Sitar, Light Show and the Underground - if you are looking for the beginnings of the current music scene, you will find them here... and it may surprise many that terms like "Psych", Stoner or Doom had no relevance at that time and so ilustrate the pioneering achievements of Vibravoid.

Holographic 3D Sleeve. Limited edition 500 copies, with OBI.