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To Mavro Kouti

Pavlidis Pavlos

To Mavro Kouti

Label: United We Fly

Genre: Rock / Pop


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“To Mavro Kouti”, the new album by Pavlos Pavlidis, is released by United We Fly. The album includes nine new songs which highlight Pavlos’ ability to constantly refresh his sound in every new release he puts out.

Accompanying Pavlos, and orchestrating the new songs, Hotel Alaska is a newly formed group consisting of Fotis Siotas (violin, loops), Dimitris Tsekouras (bass), Georgo Theodororpoulos (keyboards) and Thanos Michaelidis (drums). This dynamic combination of musicians gives an experimental approach to the electric sounds and loops of “To Mavro Kouti”.

We got a first taste of the album on May, when Pavlos presented “Anoixi” and “Sto mati tou Kyklonas” alongside a visual poem directed by Vassilis Kekatos; two poetic ballads portraying the spring that invades into the hearts of all those living in cyclones. “Anna”, which was released in the summer, is a song full of electricity that brings the distinctive and familiar essence of Pavlos’ songwriting to the present. Recently we encountered the more rhythmic single “To Paidi me to Patini” and instantly imagined Pavlos walking in the middle of the night in the empty streets of Athens, during quarantine.

Every release of Pavlos Pavlidis is a special event on its own; “To Mavro Kouti” is his commentary on the challenging times we have been through and on the dreams we make about the future. All of the things we love in Pavlos Pavlidis’ music are present in his new songs, which we’ll definitely sing along during his concerts in the future. His strong and cinematic lyrics could be visualized as nine imaginary short films. His addictive melodies invade the wildness of everyday life, whilst his outstanding voice leads us to the very substance of the song.

“To Mavro Kouti” is out now and invites us to open it and discover its truth.

Lyrics, music: Pavlos Pavlidis
Mixing engineers: Stavros Georgiopoulos
Mastering: Giannis Christodoulatos/Sweetspot Productions Studio
Artwork cover: Stefanos Rokos, “Συνάθροιση”, mixed media on paper, 70×70 ΟΣΔΕΕΤΕ, Athens 2021
Layout: John Kontandreopoulos / Semitone Labs

Limited red vinyl