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Label: Quetempo

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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<p>Biomass is an audio-pharmacological project started in1996 in Italy mixin’ skelektrikal dub , minimal ambient , political ideas and alchemy in simple ways . dj, producer playing in festivals,clubs ,squats ,social centres and supporting guests in Italy. Miledrops is his first work for quetempo .An analogue fusion of dub , clicks & cuts and jazz roots. It is where electricity of bare-plugs touch , meets the Miles Davis sonic-atmosphere sampling “ascenseur pour l’ echafaud “ soundtrack . Biomass lives in the era of the melodic-vision destruction by an urban electric environment. Miledrops is the elaboration of a repetitive minimal music plan in order to continuously transform already existing phenomena of listening. A post-industrial reconstruction of the entire sample-atmosphere in accordance with the needs of the power of an imaginist . The exploitation of jazz space and electric nuances signify their intention to explore endless groove, hi frequency psycho-acoustics and sub bass cultura out of nothing easily spotted . Biomass constantly observes the passage from night to day delivering audios and visuals out of those two discrete worlds. He is against any idea of the absolute necessity of objects, going so far as to doubt their affective usefulness. One loop machine, a mini disc for field recording, a guitar effect and some video tapes are perfectly enough. Miledrops seems to vindicate him.</p>