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Chimes At Midnight


Chimes At Midnight

Label: Malabar Recording Company

Genre: Rock / Pop


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After the successful tour in 2019 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic debut album "Industrial Silence", there were a few things that immediately became clear to the three surviving original members. Among other things, they wanted to play more concerts, and in order to do so, everyone agreed that they had to make new music.

After the tour, they went straight into the rehearsal room and started the process of writing new music. The work took place in the band's own studio, Malabar, in Oslo, in Velvet Recording in Spydeberg (where one of the tracks on the album, «Imagination», was recorded) and in Berlin. 70% of the material on the finished album is completely fresh. But the band also saved a couple of older songs from the desk drawer: "The World Could Be Falling Down" has its roots in the time around the first Madrugada album. "Slowly Turns The Wheel" dates from the period between the third and the fourth.

Then the road went further into the studio. The band arrived in Los Angeles at the end of February 2020, and everyone was really looking forward to recording an album in Sunset Sound itself - where classic albums with Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, The Doors and the Rolling Stones have been created.