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Alstroemeria: A Journey On Earth & Beyond

Bhopal's Flowers

Alstroemeria: A Journey On Earth & Beyond

Label: Sugarbush Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


  • LP x2 €33.99
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Alstroemeria is a psychedelic & conceptual record, mapping a 24 hours cycle, in which each song of the is linked with a specific time of the day/night, slicing its journey in two distinct parts: a bright & vintage Sunshine Pop on Disc 1, facing a deep & modern Moonlight Pop on disc 2. Exploring the deepest mysteries of life and drawing an esoteric vision of the soul’s materialization from upper skies to down bellow, ''Alstroemeria'' tales the cosmic and earthly adventures of the human soul, surounded by numerous guides, divinities & historical characters: Galilee, the three Magi, Jesus Christ, Ettore Majorana, Archangel Uriel, Nikola Tesla, Angels Seraph & Metatron, Rudolf Steiner, Swami Vivekananda, Paul Dirac, Napoleon Bonaparte, Yahveh.Zarathustra, Virgin Mary, Adam, Christopher Columbus, St John the Evangelist, Charles Darwin, Lord Krishna, Shades of 60’s psych/West coast bands with dreamy vocals, washes of 12-string guitars and sitar, ‘’Alstroemeria’’ sings the gospel life, from its very first sunrays, to its late moonbeams.