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Askimiz Bitecek

Koray Erkin

Askimiz Bitecek

Label: Turkuola

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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Türküola reissues another pearl from Erkin Koray's catalogue once again. It was previously released in Turkey as Erkin Koray's debut album. The album focuses on the oriental psychedelic singles of Erkin Koray from the era between 1967-1973. The ultra-energetic cover of 'The Land Of 1000 Dances' ('Sana Birseyler Olmus') with its killer organ, 'Mesafeler' with its aroma of LSD, 'Yagmur' with its psychedelic effects on an oriental piece, 'Kizlari Da Alin Askere', his first beat folk hit, 'Istemem' with its killer guitars and drums are the special pearls of this album. Also includes 'Askimiz Bitecek' with its electric bouzouki performance, which is a rare thing to hear in Turkish psychedelia. Last but not least Koray's Altin Mikrofon arrangement 'Çiçek Dagi' is a great beat piece with hard touches which is still covered by bands like Boom Pam. All these songs were performed by Erkin Koray with his several different bands such as Erkin Koray 4, Yeralti Dörtlüsü, and Super Group. This repress comes with different cover.