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Skeleton Hands


Label: Young And Cold Records

Genre: Dark / Post Punk / Gothic / Neo-Folk


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Skeleton Hands have finally realized a debut album and the result is a dramatic, dark, and beautiful full-length. Gone is goth-tinged and synth-driven while focusing on a deep and lush melody. The duo manages to delve into a fresh sound that delights in the 707 and the dance floor, as well as the amplifier and the grit. Sometimes washed out and other times pristine and beautiful, Gone manages to fill a gap between nostalgia and the future.

Distant pianos cut through the fog as the waves of synthesizers wash over the haunting tap of the drum. We find ourselves “Gone,” into the future. Equally born of the soul and the body, pulsing bass lines lead the way as the chorus sets you free. Gasping for “Oxygen,” triumphant guitars fill the discotheque. Screams turn to laughter and laughter to screams as we speed away from the beat and dive into the pulse. The “Dotted Lines” are the melody, the road ahead is salvation. The guitars swell and punctuate a rapid heart beat. The vocals swoon on, offering a “Reeducation” on how to twitch and surge. Let the music move you. Born of both melancholy and heartache, “Ravage” is a love letter spelling revenge. Opening from the heart strings and plunging into a deep, dark cave of percussion with a formidable, arpeggiated bassline, “Ravage” is rife with both hope and of the haunt. Severed at the heart and losing blood fast, we slow dance. We wait for the moment when we can let go and let things be. When “Robot Hands” man the keyboard, the human hands hold the heart. A ghastly dream, a feathered bassline. The melody unfolds to the realization that we are dancing without a partner. A “Ghost” in our arms, we waltz into the night only to forget ourselves and where we've been. Drowning in an atmospheric soundscape, we pray for the darkness. As it unfolds, we unfold down to our skin. Melancholic guitar stabs pierce the throat and beg for the truth to rise to surface. “I Was Lying...” when I said the truth would be told. As the lights go down, they break into the vapid streets. The symphony sounds, the boys and girls come out to destroy each other's dance. Carousing, cheating, dancing, drowning, however disappointing, the beat is empowered to conquer the underlying threat.