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Label: Fortune Cut Records

Genre: Hip-Hop


  • LP 180gr €19.99
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Lyrics by Elephant Phinix
Produced by Sadacore
Mixed by Sadacore at Studio46
Mastered by MP Analog
Artwork & cover design by R255

Black is the absorption of all colors in the visible spectrum. It can be defined as the visual impression experienced when no visible light reaches the eye. This state triggers the mind to depend on other senses. Hearing takes the lead, with the absence of colour sound
is in control. Eyes down vibes up.

Night is the period of ambient darkness from sunset to sunrise,
the time where the sun is below the horizon. The disappearance of sunlight has dramatic effects on the morphology, physiology and behavior of almost every organism. Some sleep during the night while others claim the night as their own.

Limited edition of 300 copies pressed on 180 grams 12" black vinyl.
Cover printed on reverse side (uncoated paper) + includes inlet with
lyrics on the front side & all information on the back side.