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Youth Valley Ep

Youth Valley

Youth Valley Ep

Label: Make Me Happy

Genre: Rock / Pop


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What if you had the chance to go back to your childhood and adolescence years and be the parent of yourself you needed to be?

Imagine a place, where we could meet our younger selves, talk to each other about what happened while growing up and face those burdens together, before they become invincible avalanches. A place where we can embrace these troubled youngsters in our arms as they will us, and finally say “it’s ok” to each other; This would be a place - in your mind - where you can claim the right to know what u need to heal from. In this place, beyond the pain, depression and fear, lies a unique personal truth and happiness, that everyone deserves to take with them, when they leave. This “place” is the Youth Valley

The band’s songs involve internal dialogue, facing of traumas, observing the family and society and openly discuss or philosophize matters we simply have not been “programmed” to question, let alone communicate and comprehend and usually end up passing to the following generation just like they did to us; unless we decide to break the circle. And to do that we acknowledge that the inner self-parent needs to take care of the child within. If this child learns to feel loved and appreciated, it will do wonders.

Sometimes all it takes is to finally let it out and talk about it. Sometimes, it requires you to take action before you, eventually, learn to let it go. Just like therapy. Youth Valley’s lyrical and musical narratives, might come from a very personal place, but their message to whoever chooses to eventually actively listen, aims at pushing them for at least one more small step into the aforementioned realizations. And when and if that happens, the desire to get up from the chairs of routine, act and claim our dreams is born again. This, as we humbly believe, would be the definition of truthful art.

We offer you our first EP from our heart, hoping it will speak/sing to yours.
Thanks for listening/ reading!