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Arrest! Charlie Tipper


Label: Old Bad Habits

Genre: Rock / Pop


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It’s one of the very few moments in someone’s life, when you have the opportunity and the responsibility to introduce to the world something related with perfection. And yes, we are talking about Arrest! Charlie Tippers’ new LP. It was recorded before two years, and today we are more than glad as a label, to introduce it to the Indie Pop audience around the globe. It includes 11 songs like diamonds, covering all the tastes. It includes everything, melody, noise, trumpets, politics, love. When Tim Rippington gave us the chance to listen to this gem, we saw all our lives and memories passing in front of us. It is probably because the people behind Arrest! Charlie Tipper have dedicate their lives to Independent- alternative UK music for almost four decades now. They were all members of some of our favorite bands like The Five Year Plan, The Groove Farm, Beatnik Filmstars, Rorschach, The Rosehips, The Flatmates, etc. The cover painting is a work of art by Liverpool artist and ex Half Man Half Biscuit (1991-6), Ian Jay (Jackson).