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Asfalto Selvagem

Negrao Joao

Asfalto Selvagem

Label: Mad About Records

Genre: Soundtrack


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"ASFALTO SELVAGEM" LP is one of the rarest soundtracks ever made in Brazil, arranged by João

Negrão. Truly a hard to find item!

Asfalto Selvagem is a 1964 Brazilian film directed by J.B. Tanko, a drama based on the first part of

the novel "Asfalto Selvagem: Engraçadinha, Seus Pecados e Seus Amores", by writer Nélson


Imagine Les Baxter meets Ennio Morricone and Armando Trovajoli on Jazz Bossa Nova.

Ed Motta's Favorite 1964 Jazz Bossa Nova

Deluxe reissue in super nice thick carton cover + OBI.