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Door To The Cosmos

Various Artists

Door To The Cosmos

Label: On The Corner

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Landmark compilation for 2018’s Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards ‘Label Of The Year’

Heavy blend of label mainstays (i.e. Dengue Dengue Dengue and Khalab) and fresh family recruits (i.e. JD Twitch, Jose Marquez, Rebecca Vasmant)

On the Corner goes beyond being a record label. It is a story of innovative artists from hotbeds of ancient-future* music across the globe. This ‘Door to the Cosmos’ compilation is the 10th full release (and an eclectic array of 20 EPs). OtCs rawkus sonic explorations are brought to the fore via 24 tracks making a heady blend of label mainstays and fresh family recruits. The label is an inimitable mixture of Miles Davis’ ‘call it what you want’ attitude, the afro centric futurism of Sun Ra and the evolving electronic frontier where black music kicks it to the dance floor.

‘Door to the Cosmos’ expresses On the Corner’s adventure; future sounds referencing the source, be it Detroit, UK bass culture, New Orleans or the Niger delta. The title riffs off of the otherworldly, afro futurist jazzer Sun Ra’s infamous chant ‘dare to knock at the door to the cosmos’. Sun Ra’s sound and narrative bending inspires us to kick at the rules and push at the infinite, the ecstatic and the unknown through music by knock, knock, knocking at the door to the cosmos. The compilation is the first outing for a new raft of artists who are celebrated by the label and welcomed to a creative space brimming with the tales of unsung pioneers of the past and champion sonic explorers of the future.


A1 Azu Tiwaline ft Cinna Peyghamy - Violet Curves
A2 Khalab - Sorry
A3 DNGDNGDNG - Hiperborea (Quixosis Remix)
A4 JD Twitch - Agyapong
A5 BKCLX - Sisters Brew
B1 Edrix Puzzle - Jonny Buck Buck
B2 Don Korto - Samosa Beat #02
B3 Rebecca Vasmant - Teen Town
B4 Uffe - City's Dead
C1 Planet Battagon - Wezlee's Disco Inferno
C2 Clive from Accounts - The Rain
C3 Jose Marquez - La Negra Lorenza
C4 Guedra Guedra presents Taxi Kabir - Couscous Curtain
D1 Tamar Collocutor V - Everywhere (Live at TRC – Black Classical Speedbump Mix)
D2 Don Korto - Samosa Beat #01
D3 Ariwo - Flameback Dance
D4 Batida ft Karlon - Aquecedor
E1 Petwo Evans - Wheels
E2 Dengue Dengue Dengue - Semillero (Nicola Cruz Remix)
E3 Sunken Cages - Sounds For Zanzi (Iyer Remix)
E4 Babani Soundsystem - Touni Minwi
F1 Collocutor - Lost and Found (Afrikan Sciences Remix)
F2 Dengue Dengue Dengue - Amnative
F3 Tenesha The Wordsmith ft Tamar Collocutor - Yemaya (Vasmant Mixmaster)