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Files Vol. 1

Saint Gallus Convention Tapes

Files Vol. 1

Label: Wonderlamp Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


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German band Saint Gallus Convention Tapes mixes the sounds of British blues and Texas psychedelia of the 60s with contemporary stoner rock. What might seem obvious to some, has never really been tried - the sound of Saint Gallus is special. Another unique facet of SGCT is the sweet vocal duets of singer Toni und guitarist Joe Black. Breathy, almost ethereal voices are layered over freaky jams or spartanically arranged blues classics - never putting the song at risk. During the late 80s, Joe Black was guitarist, harp player and songwriter of legendary German garage group The Hipsters. The other three members of Saint Gallus Convention Tapes, bass player Kevin, drummer Florian and beautiful singer Toni, have emerged from the young underground of Dortmund’s stoner and electro scenes.