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Six Steps Above The Earth / I, The Chaos


Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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We are very happy to announce that our 1st release titled “Sublimation” is now out. This is a split album featuring Six Steps Above The Earth on one side and I, The Chaos on the other.

Sublimation is available as a limited to 30 copies cassette that you can buy at our Bandcamp page as well as a digital album including digital copies of the artwork. You can also stream the album in all major streaming platforms

Six Steps Above The Earth and I, The Chaos dive deep into the human subconscious and bring us music reflecting our need to identify and accept the darker, less known parts of our psyche.
Mixing elements of drone, noise and ambient they bring us a split release called Sublimation for a good reason. Sublimation is a process where our animalistic instincts are channeled into creating something useful for society around us.
Without fear, both bands explore a genuine need to break free from traditional music forms, creating soundscapes that traverse the listener across various emotions, like fear, loneliness and in the end deliverance.