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Label: Kommun 2

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Taking a cue from French Sci-Fi---Heavy Metal, the magazine, not the music---this record sketches a dystopian and apocalyptic world of tomorrow, where your information is sold for profit, the environment has been run into the ground, and the only safe place is being locked indoors. Musically (the album is mostly instrumental), shades of the Hawkwind of "Silver Machine", the Kraftwerk of "Man Machine" or the Neu of "E-Musik" may spring to mind. Test audiences also said parts reminded them of Tangerine Dream, Heldon (mainly Heldon IV - Agneta Nilsson), Conrad Schnitzler, Cluster, and Michael Bundt. No, the band didn’t know all those names, either. Anyway, it’s a bit like stumbling upon an unreleased Brain album and a working record player in a warm and dry bunker---it will keep you company while acid rain and atom bombs are pouring down and the mutant epidemic rages on outside.