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Love Is Everywhere

Bardainne Laurent & Tigre D'eau Douce

Love Is Everywhere

Label: Heavenly Sweetness

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Musician, composer, bandleader and musical rubik's cube, Laurent Bardainne is a saxophonist who trained at The Paris Conservatory. He’s collaborated with Pharrell Williams, Cassius and Philippe Katerine to name just a few and presents here his latest project, ‘Tigre d’eau Douce’

Also co-founder of electro rock band Poni Hoax (Tigersushi Records), Limousine, a duet with Camélia Jordana and more recently Sabrina & Samantha for Ed Banger.

This album, sees a return to his first love of jazz, The Tigre d’eau Douce, represents a species doomed to disappear. So using melodies, chants and solos as an escape guide, his tenor saxophone takes us to a higher place, one where John Coltrane and the great figures of jazz reside.

These LP tracks bounce between the grooves and soul of the 1970’s, where percussion and saxophone pave the way. ‘Marvin’ allows the fluffy keys of the Hammond organ to open out into a pensive melody that feels familiar. Carrying on the journey, the tough asphalt of hip hop is visited on tracks like ‘Bachibouzouk’ and ‘Felin Méchant’, whereas more tropical themes are explored on tracks like ‘Kinshasa’.