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Rotten Wood

Jowe Head And Fleeting Glipmpses

Rotten Wood

Label: Old Bad Habits

Genre: Rock / Pop


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This is the 1st release of Jowe Head's new project called "Jowe Head and Fleeting Glimpses". The other members of the band are John Howard (drums) and Martha Hamilton (bass), from the Washington DC based, avant-garde rock improvisation band the Plums. They are aiming to get a whole album finished to release next year. Our single will include two songs, Rotten Wood written by Jowe and Pablo Picasso, a version of a Jonathan Richman song, with extra lyrics by Jowe, about the Guernica massacre of civilians in the Spanish civil war. The 7" includes a sticker, and an insert with a Jowe's extra work of art, and 4 little works of art in total. Eye artwork was made by John and Martha's daughter Campbell.