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Reflection Of Mine

Hibiscus Biscuit

Reflection Of Mine

Label: Sound Effect

Genre: Rock / Pop


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After a long year of recordings, shows and debaucherous behaviour, Sydney psychedelic quartet Hibiscus Biscuit have just launched their debut album release: 'Reflection of Mine'. Hibiscus Biscuit’s brand of psychedelic rock cavorts about between driving syncopated breakdowns, melancholic lullabies and tight progressive groove sections. Coupled with an immersive live experience headed by frontman Ricardo Moreira, their music is most likely to induce tears of joy from your third eye. Hailing from Portugal, Australia and Canada, members Ricardo, Sy, Jason and Aidan can usually be found lurking in back alleys after their shows. A few years after the bands chance conception in Newtown’s Camperdown Park, 'Reflection of Mine' was conceived in the band's new home studio in the Blue Mountains. Cue a depraved 6 months avoiding sunlight, and they emerge with their debut record and a blistering caffeine addiction. Featuring mixing by Liam Judson and mastering by Nick Franklin, their debut is a swirling blend of psychedelic goodness