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Brace, Brace


Brace, Brace

Label: Urban Cow

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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Produced and mixed by long term collaborator Bruno Ellingham, this release sees the band back to their best after a period time spent conquering Europe, returning as the rock group they were always meant to be. Indeed, much of Europe has now been ‘pummelled into submission and undying appreciation for the band by their now renowned live tidal wave of electronic rock’ as one writer so correctly observed. Shaking off every dance-rock / electroclash / indie-disco/new rave tag going to create their own unique brand of “glitch-pop-fuck-noise”, they have come closer than ever before to both capturing the intense sonic assault of their legendary live performances and displaying their tender skill in the dark art of songwriting - not an easy act to pull off! While the synths, electronic drums and Rupert’s trademark sing-sneer mean there’s no mistaking that this is anything but a Chikinki record, there’s also no denying an increased lightness of touch. There’s perfectly structured sing-along electro-pop (‘You Said’), tender, machine-made melancholia (‘Too Easy’) and even stadium ‘70s, robo-rocking stomps (‘Lies’). Meanwhile, ‘Sunrise’ subverts the band’s previous mission-statement that they’re not a dance act by being one of the most pogo-friendly indie-pop tunes since ‘Take Me Out’. Neither are the lyrics as impenetrably coded as they once were. Whereas the last album dealt with convoluted tales of ether radios and rabid Persian warriors, this time round it’s all girls (‘Talk To The Moon’), navel gazing (‘Two Possible Worlds’) and, well, girls and drinking (‘Sunrise’ again). The band agree it’s a lot more about relationships and love, clichés we know but pop’s all about clichés, isn’t it?