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Label: Glitterbeat

Genre: World Music


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"Tamotait" burns relentlessly and insistently - until it finally boils over: A modern album with a vintage sound that wants nothing less than to turn music into truth and revolution.

With "Tamotait", Tamikrest's fifth studio album, the band returns with a lively, untamed rock'n'roll statement. On their most powerful album since the acclaimed "Chatma" from 2013, the band not only turns up the volume, but also increases the meditative atmosphere and sharpens the brooding view of the political situation in the Sahara once again. The members of Tamikrest are Tuareg, their music is a means of pointing out the political situation of their people. On "Tamotaït" this music blazes bright and burning - it is more than just an album. "Tamotait" is resistance. But also the dream of a better future, the title means something like "Hope for a positive change". The music for this is created as a collective experiment, the common thread of which comes from Tamasheq music and leads from this starting point through different worlds. "Tamotait" features the celebrated Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra and for a piece a group of traditional Japanese musicians. It is the most extensive and adventurous album Tamikrest has ever made, it explores every corner of its sound, sounds powerful and natural and lets defiance resonate through its floating, airy melodies.