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Sufferhead 85/13

Hope Peter & Harrow David

Sufferhead 85/13

Label: Kinetik

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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"You can knock them down but they keep getting back up. The two ‘Hs’ back together it seems and going the distance. A history of dub, electrics and menace put to fine effect on the new EP.
At a time of everythingness, it’s all out there and at critical mass, this is hair-on-end collection of tracks. Reigned in but threatening Mr Hope’s voice still makes you check over your shoulder to see what’s creeping up behind, made all the more desperate by rolling arpeggios and crackling beats.
Part swamp electro, part nocturnal drive through wet and desolate streets. I keep checking to see if someone’s slipped something into my pockets. Just how I like it."

(Stephen Mallinder)