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Journey To The Starglow Restaurant

Space Debris

Journey To The Starglow Restaurant

Label: Green Brain / Breitklang

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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The favorite Space Debris record of the drummer Christian Jäger is finally available on vinyl. Including two previously undiscovered and unreleased longtracks from the time of the early SD trio lineup with Tom Kunkel at the Hammond. The tracks of the popular CD "Archive Volume 1 - Journey To The Starglow Restaurant" have been extended by 2 previously unreleased longtracks "Venusian Night" (20 min.) and "Deconstruction Blues" (16 min.), Which now also on the new CD Archive Volume 6 are included. These recordings are from previously unseen original recording sessions from the albums "Elephant Moon" and "Three" as well as "Starglow Restaurant". Hammond B200 with Marshall amp and Leslie cabinet including analog band echo and Ludwig drums and a special recording technique led to a sound that actually sounds like from the 1970s. The band is particularly creative and experimental, comparable to early Deep Purple and Pink Floyd instrumental music.