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The Metaphysics Of Natron

Black Lesbian Fishermen

The Metaphysics Of Natron

Label: Underflow

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Black Lesbian Fishermen are an international ambient/drone/experimental collective based in Athens and Evia. Between them they have been involved with many projects - Coil, Current 93, Eyeless In Gaza, Nurse With Wound, Whitehouse, Z’ev, Attila Csihar, Rotting Christ – to name a few. Black Lesbian Fishermen, however, stand alone as a mind-blowingly impressive psych band with a distinctive, transportive & ritualistic sound. Since their debut album, ‘Ectopic Apiary’ the band has continued to play live shows and record one-off tracks for various compilations whilst working on ‘The Metaphysics Of Natron’ in Athens and Evia. The new album contains 8 stunning new studio recordings that further mine the occult psychedelic seam they have made their own.

To Sic A Goddess; You Find The Noise; Mooncone; Lox On Krax; Third Rubric; All Of This Is Memory; Polemoscope*; Pigs Before Strawberries*.
*Digital only

NIKOS FOKAS – Modular Synths, Keyboards, Treatments, Tepaphon
R LOFTISS – Bowed Guitar, Vox, Glass Flute, Synths, Toys
ALAN TRENCH – Guitars, fx, Vox, Synths

NIKOS FOKAS is an Athens based musician and sound designer. He is a member of Vault Of Blossomed Ropes, and recently released a solo album on Midira – ‘The Eternal Creak Of The Icebreaker.
R LOFTISS of Oklahoma’s Gray Field Recordings was described as "...a cohesive vision of folk, classical and experimental styles..." by The Unbroken Circle and "totally original and...absolutely haunting" by New York Music Daily.
STRATIS SGOURELLIS Drama based Stratis is a member of Vault Of Blossomed Ropes. With a background in punk and psychedelia, he moved into funk, jazz & improvised musicks and is now experimenting with electronic sounds.
STELIOS ROMALIADIS is the founder of LÜÜP, of whose album ‘The Canticles Of The Holy Scythe’ Metal Temple said: Darkness is sweeping across the land, as blood rituals are performed in the name of those you dare not speak of…’
ALAN TRENCH has been involved in experimental/left field music since the founding of World Serpent Distribution in the early 90s; his current projects include Howling Larsons & Temple Music. Brainwashed found ‘…ritualistic drone, String Band like avant-folk, and moments of blistering krautrock assaults…’