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There Will Be Blood


Label: Blues For The Red Sun

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Beyond is the fourth studio album by the Italian “raw blues” rock band There Will Be Blood. Their own self-invented genre is an elec- tric mix of Hill Country Blues, rock n’ roll and funk which is brought to life with storytelling of a cinematic scope. On their previous records, the band wove a story of a name- less traveler on a road studded with monsters, miracles and catas- trophes. Their new record breaks with the past and tells a new su- pernatural tale of a boy grieving for his mother and overcoming mortal existence: the “beyond”. Beyond is There Will Be Blood’s first record recorded with their new five-piece lineup, an expan- sion which has notably contributed to the record’s broader reach of styles and dynamics. The album’s eleven tracks move from wild boogie rock and electric blues to dancable funk and soulful gospel carried by the hypnotic percussion of African litanies. Beyond is a rock n’ roll soundtrack to a film set in the dusty wild west, with the film solely showing on the back of your eyelids. For those wanting a more literary experience, an included poster tells the story with which the listener can follow along.