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Drako Gigant

Drako Gigant

Drako Gigant

Label: Sound Effect

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Drako Gigant is an experimental heavy musical constellation from Athens Greece, formed in 2017 under the concept of exploring heavy music combined with elements of sonic textures like early industrial, ambient, progressive rock, jazz and metal. Improvisation has been the backbone of creating the soundscapes laid down, but not without carefully considering the impact each result might have, first upon the creators and then upon the listener. The members, each coming from different genres and with different approach to how music works and is created, collide in a cauldron of ideas where explosive mixtures and intense dynamics meet and merge into strong bonds of a sound collage full of contradiction; a melting pot of thought provoking color and a deep travel into both the subconscious and dreamy states of mind. In the end this work will have to suffer or win the test of time, depending on the point of view. No boundaries, no walls, just pure music exploration!

"Drako Gigant" was recorded and mixed in Wreck it SOUND Studios during 3 days in May 2019

Engineered and mixed by George Leodis

Produced by Drako Gigant

Mastered by James Plotkin