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The Clouds Know


The Clouds Know

Label: Mana

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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‘Developing a sound-world of drifting, otherworldly atmospheres and strange fusion, these Villalobos-Loderbauer collaborations evade easy categorisation, even compared to the former’s genre-twisting solo offerings. The Clouds Know pulls at their backbone, refining a deft and subtle musical noir built on ambient cues, sparks and claps of electricity, brushed drums, black voids and subterranean bass swoops. Erratic, submerged rhythms make way for expansive fields of crisp, uncanny detail; enchanting, humid environments, dense with the chatter of synthesised insects, the gentle rain of drums, whispering cymbals… There’s a twinkle in the eye and moments of deadpan levity, but the overall mood here is sober and introspective.’