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Mitf2 - The Future Is Made With Dreams And Materials Of The Past

Emdy / T.d.k. / A.s. Emdy

Mitf2 - The Future Is Made With Dreams And Materials Of The Past

Label: Private Press

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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25 numbered copies. Squared 7" lathe cut. Includes 2 badges.

An exhibition that is inspired by, reflects, ponders
and comments on the relationship between imagination, technology and the future.
It even dares to formulate a (pseudo) mathematical formula that defines this relationship.
It aspires to showcase the importance of imagination as a decisive factor of shaping tomorrow.

The exhibition comments on the relationship between science fiction and reality.
It takes us to other worlds.
It is inspired by this journey that has just begun.
It experiments and searches for the relationship between art and technology.
It wonders and puzzles over technology's relationship with the humans.
The transformation of our environment and us all by the technology.
The limits of one's own intellect and life itself, for the first time in our history are so vague.

The exhibition tries to communicate with images, sounds and music.
It wants to stay alive as a "project in progress ".

It is based on constructions made out of industrial objects that mutate into something other than
what they were made for, they acquire another function and purpose,
but at the same time they keep their basic characteristics.
Objects of the past, full of nostalgia, are combined to form
unexpected combinations and awaken memories of a time when the development of our technology
allowed us to imagine and adore a brilliant and wonderful future. A future that is now past.