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Sweet Pete & The Land Band


Label: Nordse

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Located in a multiverse halfway between Townes van Zandt and Neil Young, the debut album by Danish country rock act ‘Sweet Pete & The Land Band’ takes the genre into a highly atmospheric territory populated by mythic tales of lost love and broken destinies. It is all about spirituality and redemption as The Land Band takes the listener on a musical journey through deserts and plains – all familiar places in western folklore, but here freely interpreted as an alternative version of America by a bunch of dreamy Scandinavians. Sweet Pete & The Land Band are not afraid to act as tourists in mythology and tap into the overwhelming timeless experience that is the western landscape. Based on extensive travelling through remote areas of Texas and New Mexico, this is an album that conjures up both the loneliness and overwhelming beauty unique to these parts of the land. LAND is music in wide screen, country-infused folk rock that embraces the epic and soulful qualities of Americana. Welcome to our land!