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Songs For Swinging Larvae / Songs From The Surgery

Renaldo & The Loaf

Songs For Swinging Larvae / Songs From The Surgery

Label: Editions Mego

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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A biomedical scientist and an architect form a band in the early 70's with nothing by the way of traditional musical talent or skill but with endless enthusiasm and their own unique musical sensibility.

The ensuing career and creative output of this ongoing home studio / bedroom band remains one of the most significant song based 'outre' catalogues ever produced in the United Kingdom. This comprehensive 2 LP set contains their first official LP (originally released on The Residents legendary Ralph records label) along with an extra album of different versions and extra tracks which reside here for the first time on vinyl.

The duo Renaldo & The Loaf, originally Portsmouth based, now in Portsmouth and Mid-Wales, remain an enigma whilst amassing an enormous cult following worldwide. Their singular take on music encompasses wit, strange melodic construction and an off kilter sensibility which successfully rendered them engaging for each emerging generation. The ability of Renaldo & The Loaf to unnerve and entertain in equal measure is what binds these songs to a musical universe outside of all other forms that existed around the time of release. The Residents are obvious spiritual heirs.

Songs For Swinging Larvae is a classic collection of confounding songs which lead the listener into a surreal world of twisted tunes and perverted pop. Songs from the Surgery is made up of improvisations, early/alternative versions of various Larvae tracks and unreleased
pieces from the same period.

The results leave one laughing through a thick veil of unease. As the original Ralph records press release said of Songs For Swinging Larvae: "This is an album of primitive modernism, energetic obnoxious noises, manic high pitched vocals and sweet brilliance.