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She Fucks Me

Thulsa Doom

She Fucks Me

Label: Duplex Records

Genre: Stoner / Post Metal / Industrial Rock


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The debut EP from Norway’s celebrated stoner rockers Thulsa Doom is available again, remastered for 10” vinyl and CD. Formed in 1999 by several members of Black Debbath, Thulsa Doom set straight to work in crafting their debut EP, whose cover became - for obvious reasons - the talk of the stoner rock community. She Fucks Me! let the fans know exactly what the band was all about: fast-paced, balls to the wall rock with a healthy heaping of black humor and tasty guitar solos. The record gained the band an underground following which would only grow in the years to follow. “She Fucks Me” contains some of Thulsa Doom’s now best-known songs, including the epic and timeless “Birthday Pony”. Since covered by bands all over the globe (hello Russia!), it is still the highlight of every concert by the now reformed Thulsa Doom, alongside another EP classic, namely “Sins Of The Next Man”. Duplex Records has reissued She Fucks Me! for the its 20th anniversary, remastering the album for the occasion.