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Label: State 51 Conspirancy

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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28th September 2015. The night of the super blood moon.

Imagining that he would be watching with a number of like-minded moon gazers, Atki2 left the house and instead found himself alone, observing this extraordinary celestial event. Just Atki2 and the moon, bloody, huge and pulsing. This is where the story of ​Requiem​ begins.​

Around the time of this spectacular lunar phenomenon, another cataclysmic event was unfolding, Atki2's mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Two years after she died, he began to write something in memory of his mother. Searching for a beginning, Atki2 remembered his special audience with the super blood moon, and its place in the story. In the end, it became the sixth movement of ​Requiem​.

Requiem​ is a single piece, divided into movements. With traditions of the requiem mass in mind, and sections that correspond to the liturgical texts; a classic form provides a useful starting point for writing about something as messy as bereavement; a set of rules, which can be followed or broken.