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Label: Rocket

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Paisiel is the enigmatic name given to this very special project that features the exceptional talents of Portuguese drummer / percussionist and sonic sculptor João Pais Filipe and the German saxophonist Julius Gabriel. Based on an individual exploration of the sound and on the expressive possibilities of their instruments, the duo’s music seeks to join and systematize their influences, albeit without any obvious correspondences or affinities – resulting in textures and abstract melodies propelled by a mechanical and existential percussion that morphs into a kinetic trance. Heterodox and digressive musicians, they move freely between the repetition of krautrock and techno, jazz, experimental music and other new musical categories, João Pais Filipe and Julius Gabriel create radio-graphic sounds that inhabits somewhere between the reception and the emission of a signal, like a cosmic telephone exchange. This three track album was originally released in 2018 as a ltd edition cassette on the great Portuguese label Lovers & Lollypops. And now Rocket Recordings are extremely proud to be releasing this unique recording on a ltd edition colour vinyl and across all digital channels. In 2018 João Pais Filipe has also found the time to release a stunning and highly acclaimed solo album and a very exciting collaboration with fellow drummer/percussionist, and also very talented Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga/Vanishing Twin/UUUU) called CZN. Paisiel have already wowed audiences across stages in Europe including a jaw dropping set at the eclectic and well respected Milhões de Festa Now the duo have plans to head to the UK to play a series of shows in support of this release.

“ A quasi-tribal trance through the language of jazz.” Arte-Factos “ A rhythmic plane between Africa, techno, krautrock, and minimalism.” Jazz.PT “ A driving force that unites past, present and future.” Rimas E Batidas