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Against All Odds

No Fake Band

Against All Odds

Label: No Fake Band

Genre: Rock / Pop


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No Fake Bone from Athens, Greece is a hard funk ‘n’ roll band... This whole thing started in 2014 when the initial members, Stam Deliyiannis (guitar) and Yioula Stathopoulou (vocals, sax), met each other and decided to start writing music together. After three years of soul and member searching, in November 2017 they released their first independent album “Against All Odds”, fusing their love for hard rock, blues and funk. They joined forces with Fotis Filippatos (drums) and later on with Dimitris Kyriazis (bass) and played their first gigs right after the album release, receiving many positive reviews. September 2018 marked the release of “The Silver Monkey”, a sci-fi graphic novel which was illustrated by Stamatis and written by Yioula. An alien invasion forever scaring women in a city deep in the American dessert, a monster sacrificed for love and survival. The graphic novel will be included in the band’s next project, the EP entitled “The Silver Monkey”, to be released in the following months.