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( I've Got) Trouble In Mind Vol. 2: 7" & Rare Stuff 2015/2018


( I've Got) Trouble In Mind Vol. 2: 7" & Rare Stuff 2015/2018

Label: Because

Genre: Rock / Pop


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The Limiñanas are a couple and a band. They have produced records in their own garage in Cabestany located in the south of France for about ten years. They played in Australia, the US and toured Europe regularly. United Kingdom included. The first opus of the now series “I have trouble in mind” was released on the initiative of Bill and Lisa Roe (iconic label “trouble in mind") in the US in 2014. It combines all the 45t , unreleased songs recorded by the couple for “Mojo magazine", tribute to Beach Boys, fanzines, micro labels. All the titles which were difficult to find and that fans were looking for. And now, here it is: I ve got trouble in mind vol 2. The Limiñanas now work mainly with the European label “Because music". Thanks to their common forces, 3 albums were released. «Traité de guitarre Triolectique» with Pascal Comelade, “Malamore", which was a tribute to Dino Risi and in 2018 “Shadow People” in the company of the American psychedelic pope Anton Newcombe. Marie and Lio work a lot, they record all the time and love 45t, maxi’s and still collaborate with small labels from around the world for specific projects like the traditional song of Christmas “Convenanza “from Andrew Weatherall. In this second opus some covers of their favorite titles will be available. The lords of the new church “Russia"n roulette", “two sisters” from the Kinks which is the first song recorded with Anton and remixed by the American producer of the first White Stripes album Jim Diamond. “Live will Tell” from Polnareff, a tribute to “Suicide” recorded in Australia from the live version of the band and many others. The artwork was designed by Elric Duffau, as for the first volume. Small bonus: the two album covers placed side by side complement each other for a single piece.