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Step 3: A Study On Human Nature

Six Steps Above The Earth

Step 3: A Study On Human Nature

Label: Six Steps Above The Earth

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Sometimes music just happens. You turn the volume up and it fills the room up to the ceiling. You have written nothing beforehand and still it pours out like it was waiting for you to plug in. That’s what happened with this record. Me and Sakis just plugged in and “A passage through Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis” came out almost in one go. There is an interesting concept behind that song. I like paying tribute to artists that inspire me but I don’t like doing cover songs. I like taking art and spitting it out as my own. That’s what all the vocals and spoken word are. They are lyrics from bands I like and poems from writers I love.
We need to thank Kostas Kofinas for helping us record and mix this album, Post_Black_Punk for being our spiritual guide, Morphine Social Club and Wyatt E. for sharing the stage with us, Ypogeio for being our live home, John Simandiras and 666MrDoom for supporting us and promoting our music.