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Space Is Cold


Space Is Cold

Label: Kommun 2

Genre: Rock / Pop


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“I used to listen to Hawkwind a lot. Space Rock is a genre that has always appealed to me, although there are very few true purveyors of this certain kind of music. After hearing Rymdstyrelsen I was flabbergasted. Finally a worthy successor to the Brock/Kilmister/Turner/House/King/Dettmar line-up has been unearthed!” – Daniel Ekeroth, author of Swedish Death Metal. An asteroid is a large rocky body in space, often in orbit around Mars and Jupiter. A meteoroid is a much smaller piece of interplanetary matter less than a kilometer and sometimes only millimeters in size. If a meteoroid enters the earth’s atmosphere and vaporizes, it becomes a meteor. It can also be called a “shooting star”. The most derogatory term to describe the band Rymdstyrelsen (translation: the ministry of space) would be to call them a shooting star. They are lightyears ahead of that. For too long Gothenburg has been considered the capital of Space Rock. Now that this band has entered the frame the cosmic tables will be turned. Rymdstyrelsen comes from Stockholm (some 1 235 kilometers south of Esrange Space Center) and will introduce listeners anywhere in the galaxy to the sound of Space Rock 2.0.

Purple vinyl.