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Moments In Time - Compiled By Moonboots

Various Artists

Moments In Time - Compiled By Moonboots

Label: Music For Dreams

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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For the second in its new special collector series, Music For Dreams has asked long-time friend of the label Moonboots to pick out a selection of songs with the power to encapsulate moods of calm and moments of contemplation. The result is the exquisite “Moments In Time”

Moonboots has been a fixture of the Manchester scene since the Balearic boom in the late 80s. He runs the prolific vinyl label Aficionado Recordings together with fellow DJ Jason Boardman, a project that started out as a Sunday club night. Since 2012, they’ve dished out more than a handful of 12” releases with an ever-surprising selection of underground acts at the fringes of what might be called Balearic.

Some of these artists turn up on this album, with exclusive material culled from various demos and unfinished tracks. Swedish-based Farbror Resande Mac for instance, with the brooding, glacial and Carpenter-esque “Janne”, an old fave of Moonboots which featured on their (now defunct) website.