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Stefanou Danae & Moschoutis Michalis


Label: Coherent States

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Clear cassette with blue imprint. Comes in regular jewel case and 4pp 150g paper covers. Limited to 60 hand-numbered copies.

As listeners, we often fantasize about music collaborations between artists, yet not solely driven by the parameter of "artists we like". Before jumping ahead to any interpretations, we don't just like Danae and Michalis, we like them a lot. But that's not the reason their cooperation is so unique, which is evident on how well they complement each other and communicate in a level of musical language. A simple listening to both solo LPs, "[herewith]" and "Nylon" (both on Michali's Holotype Editions) reveals both a common reasoning on composition, and two extremely consubstantial perspectives on improvisation. Michalis almost attacks the classical guitar, using every microtremor, screetching string, and each high frequency resulting from rough play to his advantage, giving a performance centred on the bet with himself to extract every possible sound which can be produced by the instrument. Danae's approach to the piano sounds "excruciating", as she engages with the physical body of the instrument in all its material surface and depth, toying with the diversity of its strings, pins, frame and soundboard, and exposing the piano’s innermost noises in real-time compositions.