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Rag I Ryggen

Rag I Ryggen

Rag I Ryggen

Label: Altercat

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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<p><span>From the countrythat brought you the security belt, here comes ahell of a loud record that will help you forgethow hard you are stepping on the gas pedal. Widely regarded as a milestone in Swedishhard-rock history, Rag I Ryggen is thehomonymous debut album released by sixyoungsters from Stockholm back in 1975. It wasrecorded in just two sessions in February thatyear at the EMI studio in Skarmarbrink, one ofthe most modern 16-channel studios available inSweden in that period. The sessions clockedaround 16 hours in total, with barely any timeleft for overdubs. Clearly influenced by bandslike Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbathand even Yes or Jethro Tull, thesounds contained here will appeal to hard-rock,heavy psych and progressive fans alike. It hasit all: heavy crunchy riffs, loads and loads ofover the top double lead guitar parts, wah-wahand fuzz-wah guitar effects, wild Hammondpassages, analog synth parts, tasteful flutearrangements... you name it! Although the band memberswere only between 15 and 20 years old at thetime, it is worth mentioning that by then theyhad managed to amass a more than respectablearray of instruments that would have madeenvious many a professional band of their era:Gibson guitars, Rickenbacker bass, a HammondA100 with matching 150 watts Leslie speakers, aRogers drum kit and a range of analog synthsthat included a MiniMoog, among other gear. Somewhere between eight and ten thousand copiesof the album were pressed and EMI took up thedistribution in Sweden, although not abroad. Inspite of the little commercial success obtainedby the album after its release, Rondo - thelabel - still believed in the potential of theband and agreed to let them record furthermaterial for a second album. Unfortunately,growing musical differences and the obligationsof adult life took a toll on the band and boththe drummer and the lead singer soon left theproject. They were replaced by other musiciansand the band kept on playing live for some timebut after a few months the group finallydismantled. A live recording with poor soundquality remains the sole document left from thislast line-up and so one is only left to wonderwhat a second album might have sounded likeafter such a promising first delivery.Speculations aside, Rag I Ryggennowadays stands as one of the most celebratedalbums of the Scandinavian 70's. First official vinylreissue, in cooperation with the bandmembers. Includes DigitalDownload Card and info insert  with thestory of the band.</span></p>