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Label: Aguirre

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Tarotplane is the solo project of PJ Dorsey from Baltimore MD USA. Over the last few years he has been gradually crafting his debut album, appropriately called First. The end result is a tremendous album etched on the great krautrock & experimental psychedelic records from the 70s. Vintage electronic sounds are mixed with effected guitar parts. It might sound quite familiar at first, but once you enter the heart of the album it all gets spectacularely exhilarating. The true power of this album is how it swirls around and captivates you without any effort.

Records such as Franco Battiato's Pollution, Bill Holt’s Dreamies, Popol Vuh's Affenstunde and Deuter's D were strong influences. All of these artists use tape loops, environmental sounds, filtering and other effect processing in an exceptional way. Their desire to create their own distinct sonic world was the driving influence behind this LP. These artists never let the experimentation get in the way of creating something musical, beautiful and sonorous. First integrates those influences but it also has a more traditional psychedelic rock sound built into its sonic viewpoint.

PJ took all these diverse influences and blended them together in the most seamless way possible. Something akin to a mix tape. First is a continuous flow from the start to the end. The album was originally going to be called excursions, because he would walk for hours on Baltimore's waterfront listening to fragments of his playing, as well as samples from films and records to find a balance that worked. The ultimate goal was to make what some would call a head record. Something you could listen to on your own personal excursions that would have a sonic headspace that was distinctive and enjoyable.