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Hallelujah Anyhow

Hiss Golden Messenger

Hallelujah Anyhow

Label: Paradise Of Bachelors

Genre: Rock / Pop


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* We're not here to pass judgment on the extent to which he is or isn't oblivious to the sort of concerns usually explored in these genres; rather we're here to say that, if you were enticed by those other lugubrious-voiced, role-playing, pseudonym-assuming Americana types Will Oldham and Bill Callahan, you'll like what Taylor does.

* As for us, we can hear in Taylor's croaky but honeyed tones Lambchop's Kurt Wagner in Mayfield mode, and when the organ and strings start to swell, and the drums and bass kick in, you will indeed be reminded of Al Green and the Hi Records rhythm section. Watch Out for the Cannonball makes us think of early Talking Heads playing a track from Tusk, not that this is much of a stretch considering Buckingham was the Mac's Eno. John Has Gone to the Light is bluesy, only with an LA sheen, like Steely Dan circa Gaucho. The music has that Dan-esque perfectionist streak. Apart from the Al-ishly lovely Isobel and O Nathaniel, the playing and production are generally more captivating than the songs themselves, but the latter are sufficiently rich in detail, with instruments twinkling and sawing away, to sustain the attention. When Taylor's songs match his ideas, he should produce something truly stunning.”

* The eagerly anticipated, full-length, full-band follow-up to the critically acclaimed 2011 album Poor Moon (PoB-02)