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World Peace Trio

Atzmon Gilad / Dharmawan Dwiki / Musallam Kalam

World Peace Trio

Label: Enja

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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The World Peace Trio shows the world how music can unite people from all corners of the globe, no matter their culture or religion. Indonesian piano maestro Dwiki Dharmawan, Middle Eastern oud star Kamal Musallam and British woodwind virtuoso Gilad Atzmon have united to promote peace and harmony though music and cultural collaborations.

In October 2015, the three musicians met together through an invitation to play in Jakarta at the Kota Tua Jazz Festival. They hired a recording studio situated in the old cultural district of Jakarta. A large woody space that resonates well, where the three minds found a fantastic melting pot to add their ingredients together and make some magic. In December of the same year, the three were as well invited to perform at the Bali world Music Festival, and it was another occasion to record more music.

It all ended up with so much recorded material that was even enough for two albums or at least a double CD. But the band decided to keep it down to a maximum of 70 minutes of music, to represent their initial concept, with Gamelan, Oriental and Andalusian influences blended together to create inspirational music.

Personnel: Dwiki Dharmawan (piano, synthesizers), Gilad Atzmon (clarinet, saxophone, electronics), Kamal Musallam (oud, guitar, midi guitar), special guest: Asaf Sirkis (drums)