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Prov Lige At Forestille Dig Det


Prov Lige At Forestille Dig Det

Label: Gateway Music

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Welcome to the catchy and freaked-out musical universe that is Elevatorfører. This
Danish psych collective consists of eight musicians and artists that have sent their minds
on a mission back to the 60s and early-70s. The band combines memorable songwriting
with the free-flowing style and jamming qualities characteristic of acid rock. The whole
thing has a distinct DIY-quality with homemade original artwork and a playful hippie jam
feeling. Two debut studio albums are out simultaneously on Gateway Records. ’Prøv lige
at forestille dig det’ (transl. Try imagining that) packs a punch with a direct acid rock
sound, fuzzed-out guitars and gloomy, desperate lyrics.