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Lost In Tyme


Label: Lost In Tyme

Genre: Rock / Pop


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<p>Lost In Tyme zine #4 (52, A4 pages, printed not photocopy and Full-Colour cover by Darren Merinuk,). Get your copy now and enjoy exclusive interviews with some of the hottest garage bands around the world: <br /> <br />RISING STORM ( 60’s USA) <br />HOLLY GOLIGHTLY (UK) <br />CYNICS (USA) <br />CHEEPSKATES (80’S USA) <br />BROOD (80’s USA) <br />THANES (UK) <br />GITANES (ex-Vietnam Veterans, France) <br />URGES (The new garage Kings from Ireland) <br />ST. PHILLIP’S ESCALATOR (Great new US band in the label of Chesterfield Kings) <br />DOLLY ROCKER MOVEMENT (New fab Aussie psych garage band) <br />STOLEN MINKS (Allgirl garage r’n’r band from Canada) <br />STANCE (Canada) <br />HOME (Brit pop band from Italy) <br /> <br />Articles about new bands like: <br />LEARS (80’s garage and psych band from USA) <br />MEAN THINGS (Amazing garage punk band from France) <br />LOS PEYOTES (The new teen cavemen from Argentina Aaaagggrrr) <br />OS HAXIXINS (One of the best neo 60’s garage bands!!! Brazil) <br />ROYAL HANGMEN (Great new Swiss garage band) <br />THEM TYRANTS (Great garage band from Sweden) <br />KILROY (One more great new band from Sweden <br />PSYKICKS (Cool garage r’n’r band from Greece) <br />B SIDES ’66 (One more great garage band from Greece) <br />NORVINS (Cool garage punk band from France) <br />DORKTONES (Dutch beat band) <br />SHAKE (One of the best neo folk bands! Comes from Spain)</p>