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The Birth Of The Beat - Rsd  Release

Various Artists

The Birth Of The Beat - Rsd Release

Label: History Of Soul

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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500 only LP pressing. THE BIRTH OF THE BEAT brings you tracks that not only accompanied the dance crazes of the time, but also the essential elements of a strong bass riff, four-to-the-floor beat, and blasting horns that inspired a whole raft of people from the tight choreography of the Temptations to the improvised moves of the dancers in the soul clubs of the midlands and north of England.Track listing : One Day Girl - Harold Curington , I'm Looking For My Baby - Eddie Sull, Soul Mate - Ramona King, Ain't That Funny - Gerri Granger, My Leading Lady - Tommy Frontera, Wanted - Larose Phillips, Listen My Children And You Shall Hear - The Quotations, Have No Teardrops - Lorece Thompson & The Largos, I Wanna Dance - The Salvadors, From Friday Evening Til Saturday Nite - Sam Reese , Sooner or later - Clarence Reed, What A Thrill  - Millie Foster, Good Gracious Baby - Sharon Robbins, Noble The Bargain Man - Maurice & The Radiants, I've Had It - Robin Rice, Come On And Tell Her - Benny Freeman.