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At The Center Of All Infinity

Yuri Gagarin

At The Center Of All Infinity

Label: Kommun 2

Genre: Rock / Pop


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2017 repress“[Yuri Gararin..] will take you on this amazing trip, headbanging far away from our galaxy: think Hawkwind but heavier, or Sungrazer, but spacier. The riffs are great, with the lead and rhythm guitars complementing each other very well, and an always present keyboard but it’s never taking over.” - from the More Fuzz debut album review.  <br />Cosmonauts from the East and astronauts from the West have made us fantasize about space travel for about half a decade now. Since acts like Hawkwind started to provide mankind with a soundtrack to Nasa’s and Rosaviakosmos’ activities the Spacerock phenomenon has spread to all corners of our planet. The epicenter of this musical division of interstellar space exploration is the city of Gothenburg in Sweden, were bands like First Band From Outer Space, Hills, The Movements, Uran and Yuri Gagarin are the leading scientists.