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Berits Halsband

Berits Halsband

Berits Halsband

Label: Sound Effect / Musicbazz

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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Coloured vinyl.

Berits Halsband was one of Sweden's greatest unsung progressive jazz rock
units. Formed in Stockholm in 1974, their sole self-titled album was
released in 1975 on the Forsaljud label and featured as much as 14
members, including a trumpets and flute horn section. The album included
four lengthy instrumental steamy upbeat fusion pieces in a slightly folktinged
jazz-rock vein; add to it a Canterbury-centric airiness and a rhodes’
based, post “Bitches Brew” intensity and what you get is one of the best
mid-70s psychedelic-jazz rock albums you never heard of… Well, except the
few ones, who kept the “collectors’ flame” on, with original copies nowadays
fetching few hundreds of euros. 40 years later Greece’s Sound Effect
Records, in collaboration with Musicbazz Productions presents the first ever
reissue of this seminal ‘70s rarity on both vinyl and CD. Taken from the
original master tapes, the reissue comes with new liner notes, photos and
even a poster, on the vinyl issue only, all approved from and taken care by
the band and the original label. 160 copies’ issue on black, 100 on colour
vinyl and 100 on colour vinyl including CD, while the CD issue is limited to
350 copies and comes in a fantastic, custom made fold open “disc-folio”
edition, with a 16-page booklet full of info and rare photos.
 In conclusion, Berits Halband's sole album is a strange bedfellow meeting of
1974 electric era Miles Davis, combined with the Swedish ethnic rock of
Kebnekaise, and the psychedelic pyrotechnics of Flasket Brinner. Yes... it’s
that good!
 “I’m not aware of this album having ever seen a reissue, whether vinyl or CD,
but if you do find one, or the original vinyl, don’t hesitate a second forking out
a few bucks, because every fusion fan will find it a worthy investment, if not a
must-have.” 4,5/5
 Berits Halsband seem to have the rollicking, blithe tone of Archimedes
Badkar's Scandanavian folk-tinged jazz rock debut album writ into their very