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Label: Irl

Genre: World Music


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Xaos is based around 2 people - Ahetas - Greek Microtonal Electronic Composer and remixer - worked with of S40 sound projects and Syrianna and Dub Colossus & Dubulah - producer/artistknown for Dub Colossus and Syrianna (also founder member of Transglobal Underground ad Temple of Sound) - The Xaos sound is Greek post troika trance group or Post World Music.
"Xaos endorse Greece's atavistic heritage with an evocative modern soundtrack suite, imbued with 5,000 years of Hellenistic yearnings and mythology. Presented as 'post-Troika Hellenic Trance music', the traditional instrumental scales and tones of a previous age richly swaddle or soar over an Apollonian landscape, merging Cage and Eno-esque ambience with processional marches and imaginary Byzantine scenes to create a magical and sometimes foreboding illusion … The hardware has moved on, with computers and keyboards brought in to both reconstruct lost sounds and to put it all together, yet this album remains a sagacious study in the ancient." - Monolith Cocktail blog